according to chapter 3

  • 1. Competitive advantage can be defined how the objective superiority of certain characteristics of activity of the company over characteristics of activity of competitors capable to bring the companies positive effect (economic, ecological, social, technological, etc.) which can in time change the form and the direction. Competitive advantages can be classified by rather large number of signs, such as the relation to system, stability degree, the sphere of emergence of advantage, the maintenance of a factor of advantage and many others.
  • 2. Presence of competitive advantages at the company doesn't guarantee their effective use and continuous obtaining positive effect. In view of high dynamism of the external environment, in particular, for the mining and chemical companies, and also dynamism of competitive advantages, management of them has to have continuous and cyclic character. In work the author's scheme of process of management of competitive advantages, and also technology of search of competitive advantages is offered.
  • 3. In work competitive advantages of the largest mining and chemical companies of Russia are considered. Many strengths of the company treat as competitive advantages. However, according to the conducted researches, competitive advantages surely have to provide effect in comparison with other participants of the market, but not exist in itself.
  • 4. Classification of competitive advantages of the mining and chemical companies can be expanded in view of specific features of branch and the market. In work author's approach to classification of competitive advantages by various signs is presented. An important question is orientation of the mining and chemical companies to formation of steady competitive advantages providing maintenance of competitiveness in the long term and exerting the defining impact on development of the company. Such competitive advantages assume obtaining rather long benefit from application of some unique, creating consumer value, strategy which is based on a unique combination of intra-corporate resources and abilities, and also market opportunities. Prerequisites of market character which by the nature are rather unstable act as sources of unstable competitive advantages of the mining and chemical companies.
  • 5. For formation of competitive advantages it is necessary to define their sources. For the mining and chemical companies specific features of branch can be sources of competitive advantages. Following the results of a research the author has made the map of formation of competitive advantages of the companies of mining and chemical branch with allocation of the segments, most suitable for realization. Possess the most similar characteristics and sources of formation of competitive advantages a potash and phosphoric segment. Competitive advantages of the mining and chemical companies are formed proceeding from branch and market features taking into account own capacity of the concrete company.
  • 6. Allocation of prerequisites for formation of this or that competitive advantage, and also definition of activity concerning realization of competitive advantage is represented important. Often the result (competitive advantage) achieved by the company is result of joint action of a number of sources. Intensity and duration of action of various sources of competitive advantage often happen changeable and depend both on specific features of the company, and on market conditions.
  • 7. At the same time traditional competitive advantages and their sources gradually lose the competitive potential, and search of the directions is necessary for the companies for expansion of fields of formation of competitive advantages. In practice of the company to formation of new competitive advantages, significant in the conditions of mature branch, such as individual approach to the consumer, high quality of service, granting the accompanying services, a flexible distribution system of production and others partially come. However lack of system approach to formation of such advantages, not adaptedness of the main methods and tools, lack of complexity and scientific study of these questions take place. Traditional methods and instruments of strategic management, and also approaches to definition of the main strategic reference points of development of the company have to be adapted taking into account specific market and branch features of mining and chemical business, of which is main was ripened branches.
  • 8. For the Russian mining and chemical companies formation of steady advantages, and also transition from competitive advantages of resource character to the competitive advantages based on strategic competences, such as effective logistics and sale, stable relations with end users of fertilizers in the key markets, rendering of services on agronomics, release of hi-tech production and the accompanying services is represented important. Formation of such competitive advantages opens the new prospects and points of growth for domestic mining and chemical business.