«Uralpotash» company

The Russian company «Uralpotash» has such steady competitive advantage as the lowest costs for potash branch. It is caused by favorable conditions for a bedding of mineral and its high quality (cost of production makes about 47 US dollars for ton for 2014).

Besides, the company is based on the second-large field of potash ores in a pattern with a superficial bedding of mineral (to 400 meters), and, therefore, the low cost of development.

Also essential competitive advantage is complete vertical integration - the company controls all production from extraction of mineral before sale of ready fertilizers, and, therefore, has raw and marketing independence.

The high level of corporate social responsibility (high level of transparency, information disclosure) is characteristic of the company. Besides, one more competitive advantage in comparison with some foreign competitors (for example, with Canada) is the low cost of work.

The company has potential of input of new production capacities and increases in the production of potash fertilizers, and also a possibility of diversification of sales markets that provides sales of products in the markets offering the best price (the country of Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe).

As for competitive advantages of the mining and chemical companies in the sphere of logistics, the way of production of «Uralpotash» from factory to port is one of the shortest in branch.

The company uses own park of coaches mineral wagons (8000 pieces) and Baltic Bulk Terminal. In 2014 the company acquired a strategic share in the port terminal of the city of Antonin (Brazil) for support of effective deliveries to this region with fastgrowing demand for potash fertilizers.

The developed logistic system allows the company to support the leading line items in the market, to optimize warehouse capacities and to expand production in the short-term and medium term

The company also varies also sales volumes according to dynamics of the market. A pacing factor of regulation of the outputs according to global demand is demand in key regions - Brazil, China, Southeast Asia and India.

However, as it was already marked, currently the mining and chemical companies need to reach competitive advantages and in services industry. The manual of the company understands that today insufficiently just to make quality production and at competitive prices, and it is important as well to introduce world scientific expertize in daily practice of the farmer, end user to provide optimum productivity of the grownup cultures. The Uralpotash company is a member of the Russian and international associations (The international association of vendors of fertilizers (IFA), the Russian Association of Vendors of Fertilizers (RAVF)), is a part of scientific committees of the authoritative international institutes which are engaged in applied researches in the field of agrochemistry (The international institute of a supply of plants (IPNI), institute of fertilizers (TFI)).

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