1. The strategic analysis of mining and chemical branch of Russia on the example of producers of mineral fertilizers

Strategic analysis as instrument of strategic planning of activity of the mining and chemical companies

Ensuring effective activity, increase in investment appeal and formation of longterm prospects of development currently is an urgent task for the companies of any branches. To achieve effective results not only in the current activity, but also in the long term development of the evidence-based and modern strategy corresponding to conditions of development of the enterprises, branches and the market in general allows.

In modern conditions of the dynamic unpredictable markets when forming such strategy and developing instruments of their realization the environment which directly or indirectly makes impact on activity of the companies has special value. At the same time it is rather difficult even to characterize her factors, and the assessment of their influence is currently an urgent scientific and practical task. Development of methods of the strategic analysis doesn't get on well at the scientific plan behind changes of tendencies of an external environment of the companies that leads to poor strategic control.

The strategic analysis is the predetermining and proving stage in the course of strategic planning and development of strategy. His main objective is interpretation of strategic position of the company in the market and in branch by means of identification of tendencies and changes which arose in her external environment, and definitions of their impact on the enterprise, taking into account his advantages and resources [37].

Within carrying out the strategic analysis the following tasks which are presented in the drawing are set 1.1. [44]

Carrying out the strategic analysis is a necessary condition of effective strategic management of the companies of any industry, however universal approach in view of specific differences of separate branches doesn't exist. Any methods of the strategic analysis demand adaptation to specific features of specific industries. In particular, when carrying out the strategic analysis of the mining companies it is necessary to consider the special characteristics exerting impact both on operating activities, and on strategic.

Fig. 1.1. Tasks of the strategic analysis

In the figure 1.2. the following features of strategic management of the mining companies are marked out.

Fig. 1.2. Features of strategic management of the mining companies

It is possible to assume that the strategic analysis consists of three main stages, performance of each of which provides use of certain tools.

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