The happening essential changes in the world and national commodity and raw markets, the main tendencies of modern development of the industry and the world economy in general, such as globalization, consolidation of branches, integration and integration of the enterprises, competition strengthening, create unprecedented calls and possibilities of development of industrial sector and a mining and chemical complex in particular. New conditions of managing involve need of search and justification of new options of strategic development and competitive behavior.

The large foreign and Russian mining and chemical companies are, the holding structures which are based on mineral and raw assets generally vertically integrated.

The branch is characterized by the limitation and a considerable concentration of stocks of mineral raw material resources, high entrance barriers raised by a capital intensity of construction projects new and modernizations of the existing productions, a long payback period of investments, presence of excess production capacities.

One of the main tendencies of mining and chemical branch - the consolidation happening in her demonstrating that the market of mineral fertilizers has passed from a growth phase into a maturity phase.

The large world mining and chemical companies have substantially exhausted the main opportunities or have felt serious restrictions of growth. In this regard producers of mineral fertilizers pass to a growth phase by enough resolute organizational and administrative decisions - implementation of transactions of merges and absorption, accumulating and getting access to scarce resources (mineral and raw, production, logistic) and to competences (knowledge, experience, the equipment and technologies), strengthening the strategic positions in the world markets.

The Russian producers of fertilizers compete in the world markets with the branch foreign leading companies which have reached perfection in business processes, successfully use various instruments of management of expenses, introducing modern technologies of extraction of mineral raw materials and resource-saving production technologies of finished goods, carry out diversified production and marketing activity.

In general it is possible to note that competitiveness of the Russian mining and chemical holdings is still based on resource advantages that further development of the domestic companies and branch in general puts at essential risks. In this case rivalry in highly competitive world markets of mineral fertilizers with large hi-tech diversified foreign holdings is represented a complex challenge.

The large world mining and chemical companies have reached the enormous outputs, effectively using scale effect and other tools for management of expenses, have introduced advanced technologies of extraction of raw materials and production of fertilizers, have considerably updated fixed assets. These factors impose restrictions for future growth of mining and chemical holdings and a possibility of increase in efficiency of production activity due to further modernization and increase in scales of production.

To the author sees that the sphere of corporate management and development of competences in marketing activity can become the center of an increment of profit of the mining and chemical companies in the long term.

In this regard it is necessary for the companies of a mining and chemical complex:

  • - to optimize a production portfolio, for decrease in dependence of the company on current trends of development of a certain segment of branch (potash, phosphatic or nitric) and adaptations to difficult market conditions;
  • - to expand geography of deliveries and to approach end users, to be engaged in ensuring access to the new centers of consumption by means of creation of modern logistic infrastructure;
  • - to create the vertically integrated production distribution system, including: to expand own distributor system, to develop trading network or to get shares of such companies, to create the agrochemical centers in agricultural regions for ensuring direct access for consumers to production;
  • - to provide after-sales service, rendering of services on delivery and storage of fertilizers, expansion of the range and functional purpose of agrochemicals that will allow to differentiate the goods offered in the market;
  • - to form a hi-tech production niche and to expand a range of services.

Thus, the sphere of strategic management of the mining and chemical companies can act as a special source of an increment of profit and as the resource allowing to increase efficiency of business and to benefit by the volatile market of mineral fertilizers.

In this regard an urgent task development of the theory and methodology of the strategic management directed to transition from resource competitive advantages of the Russian mining and chemical companies to qualitatively new based on key competences, that is transition from resource advantages to innovative and technological or to advantages on the basis of competences is represented.

The purpose of the research conducted in the scientific monograph is development of the concept of strategic development of the manufacturing company of mineral fertilizers in the conditions of toughening of competitive fight, functioning in mature branches and need of transformation of competitive advantages.

Realization of this purpose has demanded statement and the solution of the following research tasks:

  • 1. Carrying out the analysis of strategic opportunities and threats, including the analysis of the competitive environment in branch of producers of mineral fertilizers.
  • 2. Studying of the theory of strategic management and planning in branch of producers of mineral fertilizers, and also an assessment of experience of formation of strategy in branch.
  • 3. Justification of conceptual approaches to strategic management of competitive advantages of the mining and chemical company.
  • 4. Development classification of competitive advantages of the mining and chemical companies
  • 5. Development of a conceptual basis of strategic development mining and chemical the companies in the conditions of mature branch.
  • 6. The principles of formation of traditional competitive advantages and their transformation in the advantages based on competences.
  • 7. Generalization of methods of strategic management of the companies in mature branch.

Object of research is the organizational and administrative relations as a result of formation of system of strategic management in branch of producers of mineral fertilizers.

In work volumes of information and analytical information and theoretical and methodological researches in relation to features of mining and chemical branch are presented that, according to the author, can be to interestingly wide range of readers. Some conceptual provisions of work have debatable character.

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